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Novellas are an important part of Rex Stout’s Nero Wolfe opus. To celebrate this format, the Wolfe Pack and Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine have partnered to sponsor the Black Orchid Novella Award.

Want to submit an entry for this year’s contest? It’s important that you read the rules and follow the procedures carefully. Click here to read this year’s contest flyer.

Jane K. Cleland, a long-term Wolfe Pack member, is the chair of the event. “At every mystery conference and event I attend, people are excited about the opportunity to write a novella—and they’re excited about the great prize—$1,000 from Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine—plus, of course, publication in the magazine!”

Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine editor, Linda Landrigan, explains, “We’re delighted to be associated with the Wolfe Pack. And we’re thrilled to participate in this award.”

Heed the words of Linda Landrigan, editor-in-chief of AHMM. She says, “We need to stress that a novella is not a padded short story. A novella needs to be as tight and fast-paced as a short story or a novel. Authors need to ensure that the story they want to tell is properly sized for whatever format they choose.”

For additional information, see:

Please note that if no acceptable candidates are received, AHMM and The Wolfe Pack reserve the right to declare no winner in any given year.

For questions regarding the Black Orchid Novella Award, please send an e-mail to Chair at BlackOrchidAward at NeroWolfe dot org.